What Our Clients Have to Say

We’re humbled and simply ecstatic to get to work with an amazing group of passionate clients who are as excited about their business goals as we are about problem solving, IT infrastructure, and cyber security.

From strategy, to design and development, to ongoing support, we work closely with clients and form great bonds. Our success relies on word-of-mouth referrals — which are only as good as our last project. Check out what our clients say about their experience.

“It’s important to have an IT vendor you can trust. One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen from working with CCT is an overall improvement in day to day business functions. Since they focus on understanding how technology is used a business, CCT made changes that increased efficiency and saved us nearly $1000 per month in expenses. I don’t feel we have any worries as to whether or not we are running in the best manner possible.”

Chris Podany
Accounts Payable, All Occasions


“Our staff work from more than one location and travel regularly.  Emailing forms and files slowed our processes down and created confusion around which file was the current version. Thanks to CCT’s expertise in cloud technology and services, our files are always accessible and able to be shared easily with staff members.  We stay productive and more clients get served.”

Cara Cruz
HR Manager, Heart 2 Heart Home Health and Health Care Agency


“Computer Consultant Team’s pivotal role in translating our software company’s “Geek Speak” to a more conventional language has allowed us to focus more on our company objectives. This has saved us countless hours of frustration and untold dollars in revenues.”

Mike Blackwood
Owner, Black Hawk Golf Course


“Beyond our day to day needs, CCT has guided us through 2 disaster recoveries and an office move with ease.  Our IT specialist, John Kemp, always can explain the problems at hand in a language we can understand with a clear strategy to resolve the issue.  CCT acts as our in-house IT department and we don’t know what we would do without them.”

Joel Davis
Principal, Davis, Davis & Associates


“We are a small, three-person consulting company. Our information is really important—we need to have pretty consistent access to it all the time. Because of that, having a support team that can help us with IT issues is a critical part for us. We call CCT and let them do what they do best, and what we probably don’t do all that well.”

Fred Liesong
Partner, Growth Dynamics


“Our company believes in monthly maintenance to prevent big problems from happening down the road. And that’s what we get from CCT—a preventative maintenance program that keeps our business up and running. If there is a bug, chances are CCT has already seen it and are there on the spot, squashing it. CCT is the company I count on when I need answers to the problems I need addressed now. They allow my company to run 24/7.”

Dale Nine
Owner, Homer Nine & Sons


“When I first started out, I was just a one-person show, and I needed flexible and powerful IT solutions to power a rapidly growing e-commerce business. As my business grew, Joe and his team made it extremely easy for me to add new employees to our systems. What really set CCT apart, for me, was during one of our moves, when we were having trouble getting our internet up and running—I was standing by listening to a CCT consultant deal with our internet provider. He was asking them questions I never would have thought of.”

Steve Kirchhof
Owner, Vanko Trading, Inc.


“We do specialized medical billing for physicians. Our biggest challenges have always been hosting and accessing the software that we use internally. From 1998 through 2006, we had gone through probably six different hardware venders. They would say they knew how to fix our problems, but they didn’t understand the type of software we were using. So we had a lot of costly downtime. Joe and his company came in and actually listened. They spent a lot of time understanding what our problems were and were able to came up with solutions specifically for us, which others were never able to do.”

Dave Novak
Owner, Healthcare Support Technologies